The Challenge

Forgotten Women of Africa Empowerment Project (FWAEP) needed a dynamic online platform to effectively communicate their mission and initiatives to a global audience. With the goal of empowering marginalized women in Africa, FWAEP sought to create a website that not only showcased their programs but also inspired action and support from donors, volunteers, and stakeholders worldwide. Recognizing the importance of a strong digital presence in today’s interconnected world, FWAEP partnered with Proficient ICT to create a website that would serve as a catalyst for change and empowerment in African communities.


FWAEP was founded in 2021 by a group of African men and women who have witnessed firsthand the struggles faced by women in Africa. Their mission is to ensure that no woman in Africa is abused or taken advantage of due to a lack of financial independence. FWAEP aims to positively impact future generations by empowering women and children to break the cycle of poverty and achieve sustainable livelihoods.


Mobile Responsiveness

Approximately 65% of visitors to non-profit websites access them via mobile devices. Thus, ensuring mobile responsiveness is crucial for reaching and engaging a majority of potential donors and volunteers.


Donation Impact

Websites that effectively communicate the impact of donations see a donation increase of up to 40%. Clearly articulating how contributions make a difference can significantly influence visitors’ decision to support the cause financially.


Online Engagement

Non-profit websites that integrate social media share buttons experience a 30% increase in online engagement. Facilitating easy sharing of content across social platforms can amplify the organization’s reach and foster community involvement.


Proficient ICT, partnered with FWAEP to create a comprehensive branding package, including a logo and website. The logo embodies the strength and resilience of Africans, while the website serves as a dynamic platform to showcase FWAEP’s mission and initiatives. Additionally, Proficient ICT provided expertise in digital strategy and user experience design to ensure the website effectively communicates FWAEP’s message and engages its audience.

Brand Identity

Proficient ICT also played a pivotal role in developing FWAEP’s brand identity. FWAEP’s branding reflects its commitment to empowering women in Africa towards self-reliance and economic security. The logo, designed by Proficient ICT, conveys a sense of strength, resilience, and hope, aligning with the organization’s mission to uplift marginalized women and children.


Proficient ICT played a pivotal role in helping The Forgotten Women of Africa Empowerment Project (FWAEP) achieve its mission of empowering women in Africa. By creating a visually compelling logo and a user-friendly website, Proficient ICT enhanced FWAEP’s online presence, enabling them to reach a wider audience and attract more support.

The website serves as a central hub for showcasing FWAEP’s initiatives, including job skills training, entrepreneurship programs, and mental and physical healthcare initiatives. Through effective communication of these programs on the website, women were encouraged to participate and take advantage of the opportunities provided by FWAEP.

Furthermore, our expertise in digital strategy helped FWAEP forge valuable partnerships with U.S. companies, leading to sustainable job opportunities for women in Africa. By facilitating these partnerships, FWAEP was able to further its mission of economic empowerment and break the cycle of poverty for marginalized women and their families.

Additionally, the website facilitated FWAEP’s community outreach efforts by providing a platform for raising awareness around women’s rights, reducing gender-based violence, and advocating for systemic changes to improve the lives of marginalized women in Africa. Through engaging content and interactive features, the website encouraged visitors to get involved and support FWAEP’s initiatives, ultimately contributing to positive change in African communities.

Overall, Proficient ICT’s collaboration with FWAEP enabled the organization to expand its reach, attract new supporters, and make a tangible impact in the lives of marginalized women and children across Africa. Through their innovative approach and dedication to FWAEP’s mission, Proficient ICT helped empower women and create meaningful change in African communities.

“Proficient ICT’s expertise and dedication have been transformative for The Forgotten Women of Africa Empowerment Project. Their logo perfectly captures our mission’s spirit, while the website they built is a powerful tool for advocacy. From consultation to delivery, their professionalism and creativity shone through. Thanks to Proficient ICT, we’ve expanded our reach and made a real impact. Highly recommend!”

Lassana Kamara

Founder & CEO, The Forgotten Women of Africa Empowerment Project Inc.