The Challenge

Open Arms Organisation sought to revamp their digital presence, aiming to effectively communicate their mission and services to potential donors and volunteers while managing their social media presence. Their previous website lacked the sophistication and functionality needed to convey their impactful message.

About Open Arms Organisation


Mobile Responsiveness

Approximately 65% of visitors to non-profit websites access them via mobile devices. Thus, ensuring mobile responsiveness is crucial for reaching and engaging a majority of potential donors and volunteers.


Donation Impact

Websites that effectively communicate the impact of donations see a donation increase of up to 40%. Clearly articulating how contributions make a difference can significantly influence visitors’ decision to support the cause financially.


Online Engagement

Non-profit websites that integrate social media share buttons experience a 30% increase in online engagement. Facilitating easy sharing of content across social platforms can amplify the organization’s reach and foster community involvement.


In February 2023, Proficient ICT partnered with Open Arms Organisation, based in Nottingham, to breathe life into their digital footprint. Collaborating closely with their team, we meticulously crafted a bespoke website design that encapsulated their mission and values. Our team integrated advanced social media management strategies to bolster engagement and raise awareness of Open Arms Organisation’s vital services.

Brand Identity

Proficient ICT also played a pivotal role in developing Open Arms Organisation’s brand identity, including designing their logo. By aligning the logo and brand elements with the organization’s values and mission, we ensured consistency across all digital platforms and communication channels.


The outcome of our collaboration transcended expectations. The new website serves as a dynamic platform, effectively communicating Open Arms Organisation’s mission and services to potential donors and volunteers. This transformation has resulted in a notable surge in donations and volunteer sign-ups, showcasing the profound impact of our strategic approach. Furthermore, our social media management efforts have amplified engagement and expanded the organization’s reach, resonating with a broader audience and fostering greater awareness of their invaluable work.

As the heartbeat of our community initiatives, Open Arms Organisation needed a digital partner who could encapsulate our mission with finesse and efficacy. Proficient ICT exceeded our expectations, delivering a website that not only showcases our services but also ignites a sense of urgency and compassion among our audience.

Their expertise in social media management has been instrumental in amplifying our reach and engagement, propelling our mission forward. We wholeheartedly endorse Proficient ICT to any organization seeking to make a lasting impact in their community through digital innovation.”

Henry Adefolaju

CEO - Open Arms Organisation