The Challenge

PACEmaker International, dedicated to promoting education and empowerment for children in underserved communities, faced the challenge of outdated digital representation. Their previous website failed to effectively convey their mission and impact to potential supporters, hindering their outreach efforts.


Mobile Responsiveness

Approximately 65% of visitors to non-profit websites access them via mobile devices. Thus, ensuring mobile responsiveness is crucial for reaching and engaging a majority of potential donors and volunteers.


Donation Impact

Websites that effectively communicate the impact of donations see a donation increase of up to 40%. Clearly articulating how contributions make a difference can significantly influence visitors’ decision to support the cause financially.


Online Engagement

Non-profit websites that integrate social media share buttons experience a 30% increase in online engagement. Facilitating easy sharing of content across social platforms can amplify the organization’s reach and foster community involvement.


In March 2023, Proficient ICT partnered with PACEmaker International to revamp their digital presence. Collaborating closely with their team, we delved into their aspirations and crafted a bespoke website design that resonated with their vision. Moreover, recognizing the significance of managing their social media presence, we implemented comprehensive strategies to bolster engagement and raise awareness of their initiatives.


The outcome of our collaboration surpassed expectations. The new website now serves as a compelling platform, effectively articulating PACEmaker International’s mission and impact. This transformation has led to a notable surge in donations and volunteer sign-ups, underscoring the effectiveness of our approach. Additionally, our strategic website management efforts have amplified engagement and expanded the organization’s reach, fostering a broader audience base and greater awareness of their vital work.

“I cannot express enough gratitude for the outstanding work done by Proficient ICT in transforming our digital presence at PACEmaker International. As the Communications Officer, ensuring our message reaches the right audience is paramount, and the new website they developed exceeded our expectations.”

Vanessa Wanjiru